Compressport Tri Under Control Womens Shorts


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Triathlon is not just swimming, biking and running; there are a multitude of other details to remember. The original Tri Under Control Shorts were developed specifically for triathlon functionality and are now updated for even more comfort and support when training and racing.

Signature, targeted compression panels provide maximum support to the quads while dampening muscle vibration up to 30%. Boosted blood flow helps oxygenate muscles allowing you to bike and run faster, for longer. The ventilation bands woven directly into the seamless microfibre allow for fast drying, while the micro-perforated integrated pad quickly wicks away moisture to reduce the risk of nose-wrinkling odours and chafing. Our design team paid particular attention to triathlon-specific details. An easily-accessible mesh pocket on the back is perfect for carrying nutrition or keys. There is also a novel, silicone grip on the outer short for perfect saddle position, allowing you to put down full power without slipping forward or back.

The women-specific cut stops at mid-thigh, perfect for tackling tough brick sessions and racing in style.

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Compressport Tri Under Control Womens Shorts